Quick Start Guide Node JS for Beginners Getting started

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Get started with Node js - this fast paced course is designed to quickly show you the basics of node and how you can write node code.

JavaScript is an absolute prerequisite to this course, you must have javaScript coding experience to take this course.

Course provides source code and a pdf guide loaded with source code and resources to help you follow the lessons.

Learn how to setup your developer environment, install and get setup to code nodejs

Course covers the basics on coding node js

Explore how modules works, the default modules already included with node.  Setup a local web server, load files.  Create files and read files from your computer using node.  Output html files directly into your browser.  Localhost setup and running on your own machine.

Learn about creating modules and using them within your code.

You will be amazed at how easy it can be to do some really awesome things with node using just a few lines of code.

There are 100's of thousands of prebuilt node modules that you can utilize within your own code.  Using Node Package Manager NPM load packages and use them in your node application.

Taught by an instructor with many years of real world web development experience ready to help you learn NodeJS

Fast friendly support is always available within the Q&A section

What are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose, join now and start coding NodeJS today

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