Task Tracking Application with Google Apps Script GSuite

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Google apps script always you to connect with GSuite products to connect and customize connections between them

Within the upcoming lessons - we walk you through creating a Task tracking application from scratch to track tasks and projects into a Google Sheet.  Interact with the web app have the data placed within the sheet.

JavaScript is a prerequisite to this course - Prior coding experience is required!!!!

Source code is included so that you can build your own version of the application.

Course covers building a fully functional web app using Google Apps Script - create a web app to track tasks within your spreadsheet

This is a fast paced course focused on creating the web app using Google Apps Script!

Focus of the course is script - CSS and frontend styling is done by using Bootstrap 4

  • Explore how you can setup a webapp using Google Apps Script

  • Connect your webapp get data from the Spreadsheet

  • Output client side data to the webapp

  • Use Google Apps Script to connect Gsuite together

  • Track tasks and output from spreadsheet data

  • Update and edit spreadsheet data using the webapp

Taught by an instructor with many years of web development experience ready to help you learn about Google Apps Script and how you can write code to create custom applications. 

You have nothing to lose, start building your application today.

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