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AJAX JavaScript XHR and Fetch

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Learn how to use AJAX within your web applications, Course covers vanilla JavaScript using XMLHttpRequests and Fetch
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Welcome to our introductory course for using AJAX -Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

AJAXallows web pages to request small chunks of data (such as HTML, XML, JSON, or plain text) and display them only when needed. This is achieved by using APIs like XMLHttpRequest or Fetch API. These technologies allow web pages to directly handle making HTTP requests for specific resources

Typically when a user goes to a website the user has to wait for the server to respond with the data. This is not the case as with AJAX we have the option to load the data when the user is already on the page making the user really happy.

This course covers making AJAX requests using the XMLHttpRequest as well as the newer fetch.

Use JavaScript to send requests, receive response content and use the response data to output into the html. JavaScript is at the center of it all connecting the web page content to the server data and doing all the work in between.

Course Covers

  • How to setup a localhost
  • What Fetch and XHR are and how they work
  • How to load an external files into the JavaScript
  • How to connect to web apis and load data
  • Using JavaScript to read response content and make use of it
  • Exercise to build a random user loader
  • Using AJAX to get a txt file content
  • Exercise Getting Random Jokes to output on a website
  • Using Fetch
  • Exercise Posting form data to a server using Fetch
  • Practice AJAX

Source Code is included

Friendly support in the Q&Asection

Taught by an instructor with many years real worldweb development experience ready to answer your questions and help you learn AJAX.

What are you waiting for take the first step start learning AJAX and experience the amazing things YOUcan build with AJAX?

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