Google Apps Script Slides Maker from SpreadSheet Data

Rated - ( 2)

JavaScript is a prerequisite to this course !!!!!!!! The course demonstrates Applying Google Apps Script to create a time saving micro application making use of GSuite apps connected together to produce amazing functionality.

Source Code is included

Run the code and watch how it easily creates a Slides Presentation pre populated with content coming from a Google Spreadsheet.

Tired of flipping through slides and creating a presentation slide by slide when you already have the content in a spreadsheet. 

This course is for YOU!!!

Google Apps Script is a cloud based JavaScript Language that lets you power up your Gsuite and do some unbelievable things - saving you time.  Like magic - great to amaze your coworkers :)

Taught by an instructor with many years of REAL World web development - Google Developer Expert!!!

Explore how you can setup content in a spreadsheet, loop through the rows of content and automatically create a presentation in slides.

Then open the slides presentation and adjust as needed.

Please note that this is a project based course and is fast paced focused on the project that is outlined in this description.

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