jQuery Practice Game Project for Beginners Color Guesser

Rated - ( 17)

Course is designed to practice using jQuery in this unique mini project that  builds from scratch a color guessing game.  The lessons walk students through setup of the game play area using HTML. Then building out the game board using jQuery and JavaScript.  Applying logic via JavaScript and getting values manipulating page elements all done in jQuery.

Core focus is on jQuery and how to make amazing applications from scratch using jQuery. 

This course requires knowledge of jQuery, JavaScript DOM, CSS, and HTML.  Its designed to walk through and practice using jQuery in a min project designed with jQuery.  This course demonstrates using jQuery to build a fully functional application.  Focus is on jQuery and using it were possible within the application.  Work along side the lessons and try the code, source code is included.

This course is taught by an instructor with over 19 years of web development experience, ready to help you learn jQuery and answer any questions you may have.  

Join now and start practicing using jQuery today see what you can build.

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