Macromedia ColdFusion Free First Three Lessons

Macromedia's ColdFusion is a rapid application development platform. Through the use of a tag-based scripting language, it enables you to build and to deploy powerful web-based applications. Even if you do not have any type of programming experience, learning ColdFusion is a breeze with the help of Mike Muller. He guides you through this Virtual Training Company tutorial by taking you through the development of an actual community web site. He reviews connecting to databases with SQL, using includes and scoped variables. He also covers the user log-in process, creating "cork boards," searchable directories, "screen-scraping," and much more. Start learning now by clicking one of the topics below.

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Macromedia ColdFusion
Total Video Time : 9
Movie Count : 93
Language : english
Short : coldfusion 33287
Tags: Macromedia, ColdFusion
Views : 489

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