Pixologic ZBrush 3.1 Free First Three Lessons

ZBrush 3.1 gives you access to unparalleled power and control previously unknown in digital art creation software. Controls enable sculptors to create with a stylus and a tablet as intuitively as if they were using their own hands on a block of clay. ZBrush further extends the creation experience, harnessing technology and providing artists with a multitude of creation-enhancing tools. In this VTC tutorial, Zbrush educator Jason Welsh teaches fundamental concepts that will allow users to become creative right away, without getting hung up on overly technical jargon. To begin learning Pixologic ZBrush 3.1, simply click on one of the lessons.

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Pixologic ZBrush 3.1
Total Video Time : 7
Movie Count : 108
Language : english
Short : zbrush31 33866
Tags: Pixologic, ZBrush
Views : 244

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