QuickStart! - Responsive Dreamweaver CS6 Websites Free First Three Lessons

In today's multimedia website world, the use of responsive website design has exploded in popularity. This VTC QuickStart! course will show you how to create a responsive website using the integrated functions that come with Adobe's Dreamweaver CS6. Author Mark Struthers will cover the issues that are present with a traditional fixed width, non-responsive website. Then he will show you how to create a static website using an extension made by WebAssist that can subsequently be developed when CSS rules and media queries are later applied. The Fluid Grid Layout function within Dreamweaver CS6 is also explored so that experienced Dreamweaver users (who may be new to responsive website design) can use the resulting fluid grid template, populated with assets of their own, to build a fully functioning responsive site. Mark concludes by showing you how to incorporate other extensions made by Project 7. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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QuickStart! - Responsive Dreamweaver CS6 Websites
Total Video Time : 2.5
Movie Count : 24
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