JSON - Quick Introduction to JSON Data JavaScript using JSON

EXPLORE HOW you can use JSON data within you frontend applications JavaScript JSON - Quick Introduction to JSON Data

Learn JSON - Quick Introduction to JSON Data


Explore how JSON data can be used within web pages - Explore how JavaScript Objects and JSON are used within JavaScript Coding

This course is a fast paced course with all the source code included - Please try the code as you got hough the lessons to learn.

There are prerequisites to this course - please ensure you do have the skillset to learn the content presented within the lessons.  The design is to explore JSON and how it works.  Scope of this course is JSON and content related to the learning objective will only be covered in the lessons of this course.  Perfect to get introduced to JSON or as a refresher to anyone already familiar with web coding.

Course will introduce the basics of JSON and how JavaScript objects relate to JSON data.

Java Script is a prerequisite to this course as the scope and focus on the lessons is a quick introduction to JSON

  • JavaScript vs JSON

  • JavaScript Objects Updates and creating JSON Objects

  • Validating JSON data structure

  • Complex JSON data with nested Arrays and Objects

  • JSON data types

  • How to iterate through JSON data

  • Connecting to a JSON file

  • Parse and Stringify of JSON data

Source Code is included

Taught by a web developer with over 20 years experience - ready to help you learn and answer any questions you might have.

Fast friendly support is always available within the Q&A section

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