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Computer Training Based from your own PC New Computer Training CDs added weekly We are always working to provide you training products on new technologies and improvements of key software. New training releases, About To Be Released training and Titles In Production Learn any software application quickly, CD Training - Freedom to learn at your own pace Professional Information Products developed by industry experts, Gain new knowledge - develop New Skills. Our courseware is easy to use and understand. Over 3500+ different titles can be used right on your own computer in the comfort of home Our High Quality Training products that are easy to follow and understand at an Affordable Price. Computer Based Learning using CD Training, DVD Training and Online Training is a fast a effective way to learn. Learn the skills you need to get ahead, find out more about your favorite topics, learn a new career, develop your computer abilities.


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Word Counter Online Free Word Counting
Learn How To Setup Your Own Website Everything you need to know about building your own website. Tutorial with lots of content to learn how to build a website
Email Extrator Free online Tool to Sort and extract emails. Ultimate Email Extractor- Create an email list quickly online. Pull out all email addresses from text. Order your email addresses create separate email lists and sort your email
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Intro to PHP programming 1 Introduction to learning how to code in PHP
Variables in PHP lesson 2 Variable in PHP programming Tutorial
Learn PHP display content Lesson 3 Display content outputting content to a web page
PHP tutorial Lesson 4 Commenting and code writing structure
PHP operators Lesson 5 5. Using basic operators to perform calculations on variables and values
PHP logic Lesson 6 Tutorial 6. Comparison Logic using condition operators
PHP Comparison operators Lesson 7 7. Comparison operators in PHP
Learn PHP switch statements Lesson 8 8. Switch statements PHP switch training
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