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Learn to use JSON - Udemy

Use JSON to exchange data between server end code and front end code using AJAX create dynamic JSON file with PHP

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Basics of CSS - Udemy

Learn the fundamentals of applying styling to HTML code, CSS syntax and how to use it. Simple guide to getting started

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SEO for Webmasters Thinking SEO - Udemy

Web developers Guide to creating Search Optimized Websites better ranking and smarter website design and development

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Dynamic JavaScript Master Class AJAX JSON Simple APIs

Learn how to use AJAX to send data to your web server and get response data back to output in your web applciation

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PHP MySQL database connections - Udemy

Learn to connect to a MySQL database with PHP code how to select, update, delete, insert content to a MySQL database

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AJAX connection to MySQL PHP API - Udemy

Learn how you can create a simple database API which can be accessed from frontend code, updated and more

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Introduction to HTML5 Canvas basics of drawing - Udemy

Beginners Guide to working with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas

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Learn JavaScript core concepts web programming - Udemy

Learn JavaScript one of the most popular and dynamic programming languages for creating and developing websites

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Quick Learning PHP for Beginners - Udemy

Learn how to write PHP code. Beginners quick start guide to learning the foundations of PHP coding

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Responsive HTML and CSS website from Scratch in under 1 hour

Explore using HTML and CSS to create custom websites. Web Design and web development from scratch source code included

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Easy Local Server Setup for Web development - Udemy

Explore how to setup your own custom local web development environment with 3 different options for local server

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Explore JavaScript Beginners Guide to Coding JavaScript

Get started with JavaScript explore the foundations of writing JavaScript code and learn to create interactive content

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